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One of the first activities undertaken by ARM, when it was formed, was the creation of the ARM Health Plan administered by the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP).

It is our belief that our plan offers our members the best of all worlds. First, it matches all other plans in the available benefits.

Second, it is a flexible plan. While the competing plan is a “take it or leave it one premium,” plan, the ARM health plan allows individuals to tailor their plans to their unique needs. Individuals can select from three different categories of plans. Within those categories individuals can opt to take, or not take, the various benefits thus affecting the amount they will pay in premiums.

Those planning their retirement should be aware that, when they retire, they have three months to find an alternative to the employer health plan.

OTIP regularly offers workshops in all areas of the province outlining the details of the ARM health plan. Notices are placed in the local print media stating the time and place of the workshops. Also, every effort will be made to post notices of these workshops on this website.

Individuals wishing to obtain the latest ARM health plan brochure can contact Robin MacDonald at OTIP (1-800-267-OTIP toll-free) or Email Robin at and request the brochure.


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