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If, after following  the directions below, you encounter any difficulties joining ARM or have any questions, please click here and send a message outlining either the difficulty or posing your question..


Anybody who works in the field of education is eligible to join ARM. This includes support staff, elementary teachers, secondary teachers, administrators. There are several ways of joining ARM.

When individuals opt for the ARM Health Plan through OTIP, they automatically become a member of ARM. Details about the ARM Health Plan can be found elsewhere on this website.

One can become a voluntary member of ARM. This requires an annual fee of $50. This option is usually chosen by individuals who have their health insurance coverage with a spouse or with another organization.

Download the form found on this website Arm Application, complete it, and mail it in to OSSTF. To download the form, click on File and then Save Page As and accept the default of .pdf. The paragraph at the bottom is extremely ambiguous. If an individual clicks on the box at the bottom, Chapter 25 will be unable to provide the individual with all of the benefits of membership in Chapter 25. In a word do not click on the box at the bottom.

Taking a membership in ARM provides the individual with membership in OSSTF. The individual will receive various communications from OSSTF along with a membership card. The card allows the individual to make use of the benefits of Edvantage.

By becoming a member of Chapter 25 individuals gain access to all of our activities. Also the individual will receive a chapter membership card which gives the individual access to all of the benefits, discounts and allowances provided by organizations and businesses affiliated with Chapter 25.

Below is what the OSSTF Bylaws say about ARM membership. We, in Chapter 25, make no distinction between Active Retired Members and Associate Active Retired Members. For Chapter 25, a member is a member is a member. We grant all of our members equal privileges and rights within the Chapter.

Active Retired Members

Active Retired Members shall include Members formerly defined under the terms of Bylaw 2.1.1 and former employees of OSSTF, who have retired from their employment and have paid the appropriate fee under Bylaw 11 for Active Retired Members. (A.01)

Associate Active Retired Members are retired former employees of an Ontario district school board who do not qualify to be Active Retired Members under Bylaw 2.1.6 but have applied and paid the appropriate fee under Bylaw 11 for Active Retired Members. (A.01)

A retired member who returns to work may retain both Active Member and Active Retired Member status unless the person returns to employment in education within the province of Ontario for a period of more than 95 days in a school year. (A.06)

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